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RetroPie Project – Part 3 – Case

Case Project

I decided after viewing other people’s projects over at PetRockBlog’s forums that my Raspberry Pi could also do with a unique themed gaming case.
I quite liked the idea of a Nintendo Entertainment System, but they are difficult and quite expensive to come by when you decide you want one: eBay £25+, scratched / broken / missing cover and wee coloured (pun intended).

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RetroPie Project – Part 1 – Raspberry Pi

RetroPie Project

Inspired by others, I decided I wanted to have a go at a RetroPie build using one of the best things to occur in the world of hobbyist computing since the BBC Micro and Commodore C16/C64 – the Raspberry Pi.

I was already proficient with RetroArch on Linux Mint Debian Edition, Ubuntu, Android and Windows – so getting set up and running was quite simple.

My Raspberry Pi B Rev. 512MB arrived on 12th December 2013.

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