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RetroPie Project – Part 2 – RetroPie

Getting RetroPie

Heading over to petrockblog’s Github repository, the project page gives all the commands to get up and running (Images are also available via his website @ petrockblog).

I started with a [1] Binary based installation as shown below:

RetroPie Setup - 01 - Main Menu

RetroPie Setup – 01 – Main Menu

After completion, I ventured off into the [3] SETUP menu:

RetroPie Setup - 02 - Setup Menu

RetroPie Setup – 02 – Setup Menu

I added the following to my setup:

  • Install Latest Raspberry Pi firmware
  • Start Emulationstation on boot?
  • Configure audio settings: HDMI (as I don’t plan on using analogue)
  • Install and configure SAMBA shares (Might come in handy later)
  • Install driver and tools for PS3 controllers (My preferred option)

After completing, I rebooted straight into Aloshi’s EmulationStation and configured my default input (Keyboard).

Doom (prboom)

Emulation Station - DOOM (Stock)

Emulation Station – DOOM (Stock)


As I’ve already installed SAMBA, I copied in my Doom.WAD files from my Steam installation folder into \RAVAGEdoom:

SAMBA - Doom

SAMBA – Doom


prboom.wad is not a playable .WAD file, however it is needed for loading real Doom .WAD files – don’t remove it!
Doom via prboom accepts mp3’s in this directory to use for in-game music. Daniel Tidwell has a great cover of “e1m1” titled At “Doom’s Gate (E1M1) – Instrumental Version” for free @ danieltidwell.com

I decided to update the theme to the original artwork:


There’s a bit of a love it or hate it when it comes to the community themes. Some are really great (PlayStation, Master System) and some are either non-existent (N64, Mega CD) or not to everyone’s taste (Genesis).

Files are stored in: ~/home/pi/.emulationstation/themes/
They consist of an XML file (split into normal and basic) and a subdirectory containing artwork.

On the same idea path as the Doom theme, I updated / created N64, Mega CD, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Super Famicom (SNES) to suit my preferences:


Linux is CaSE sEnSITivE – make sure that any files and folders are named correctly e.g. n64 is not the same as N64

3 thoughts on “RetroPie Project – Part 2 – RetroPie

  1. Andreas

    I love your themes!

    I’ve downloaded the ones avaliable, but I can’t find the Master System theme that you’re using. I’m also looking for Sega 32X, Game Gear and SG-1000.

    Would it be possible to make them avaliable here? At least the ones of those you’ve got.



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