RetroPie SEGA Master System II

RetroPie Project – Part 6 – Case Completion

RetroPie Project – Case Completion

I’m happy with the case so far. It currently features the following:

  • [Rear I/O] – RJ45 CAT5e socket
  • [Rear I/O] – HDMI 1.3a socket
  • [Rear I/O] – Micro USB socket
  • [Front I/O] – 2x USB 2.0 sockets
  • Hardware Reset using original Master System II top shell button
  • SD Card Reader mounted underneath cartridge slot cover
  • Internal CSR Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter – 100m

Finished Case

Areas For Improvement

Currently the original power switch has no function / dumb.


  • There isn’t enough space inside without relocating the CSr USB Bluetooth adapter.
  • No easy way to construct a physical switch to control power without splitting the internal USB power cable.

Wi-Fi Network support


  • Wi-Fi LAN adapter power requirements in addition to Bluetooth & overclocking.
  • Physical internal space – might fit on Raspberry Pi main-board, right-hand side.
  • Wi-Fi LAN switching outside of XFCE/GNOME etc – no experience yet

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