RetroPie Project – Part 3 – Case

Case Project

I decided after viewing other people’s projects over at PetRockBlog’s forums that my Raspberry Pi could also do with a unique themed gaming case.
I quite liked the idea of a Nintendo Entertainment System, but they are difficult and quite expensive to come by when you decide you want one: eBay £25+, scratched / broken / missing cover and wee coloured (pun intended).


Growing up I was lucky enough to have a SEGA Master System II:

Master System II - Sonic 1 & 2

Master System II – Sonic 1 & 2

To the eBay machine and for £10.90, I had a battered box containing the nostalgic console in a very used condition. I don’t have a photo pre-clean up as it was pretty disgusting.

Clean Up

As this is SEGA, “RetroBrite” products are a bit of a loss on this type of plastic. What does work quite well however is; a soft cloth, some heavily diluted Mr Muscle surface cleaner, followed by a long soak in some Flash floor cleaner (brings out a nice console shine).

Inside, the case was actually pretty clean due to the RF shielding taking most of the years of neglect use. The motherboard certainly doesn’t look like it was manufactured in 1990 (It’s the UK PAL ‘Alex The Kid in Miracle World model’ – MPR-12808).


Not being one to plan things, it was time to put a childhood of LEGO and Tetris gained expertise to practice (more on that later).

Master System II - Wedged, nicely

Wedged, nicely

Amazingly, a Belkin USB 2.0 hub that I’ve had lying around for the past couple of years lines up perfectly with the Master System II’s 2x DE-9 control pad ports.

Time for a play!

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