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RetroPie SEGA Master System II

RetroPie Project – Part 6 – Case Completion

RetroPie Project – Case Completion

I’m happy with the case so far. It currently features the following:

  • [Rear I/O] – RJ45 CAT5e socket
  • [Rear I/O] – HDMI 1.3a socket
  • [Rear I/O] – Micro USB socket
  • [Front I/O] – 2x USB 2.0 sockets
  • Hardware Reset using original Master System II top shell button
  • SD Card Reader mounted underneath cartridge slot cover
  • Internal CSR Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter – 100m

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Dab of Super Glue to hold in place

RetroPie Project – Part 5 – Further Additions

Further Additions

Whilst reading the Raspberry Pi forums, I came across an interesting topic discussing a P6 PIN header to perform a hardware reset:

Finding no spare two PIN headers in my components tub, I ventures over to eBay to find the cheapest seller for 2.54 mm pin headers…..which are sold in strips of 40… quantities of 2… least I’ll have spares.

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All aligned with the top slot reader

RetroPie Project – Part 4 – Case Continued

Case Project Continued

The first issue was discovered with the cartridge slot guide in the top shell of the Master System II. The guide is designed to encase the slot interface on the main board in plastic. For this reason, the plastic travels very deep within the shell and occupies a large amount of space. Continue reading